UNM Involved Discord Server

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Getting Started

What is Discord? - Discord is a community-oriented chat and communication app that is rapidly growing in popularity. It was initially designed for gaming but has become home to many non-gaming communities including UNM.


Discords communities are organized by server, each server is a collection of categories and channels organized by topic or purpose, Each server, category, and channel can have its own different set of rules. The rules for our community can be found on the #welcome channel on the UNM server.


How to gain access - To log on to the UNM Discord server, you’ll need a Discord account, a UNM email address, and to follow these steps:


  1. Go to discordapp.com or download the Discord app for Windows, Mac, iOS, or Android. Then set up an account with Discord and log-in to your account (you can skip this if you already have an account).
  2. Go to forms.unm.edu/forms/discord_verification and follow the prompt to log-in to UNM.
  3. Fill out the Discord Verification form and submit.
  4. Check your email for an invite link to the server.
  5. Follow the invite link and open up the #welcome channel.
  6. Read the rules and react with a 🐾  to accept them.
  7. React to the message below to gain access to more categories and channels such as Student Orgs, ASUNM, and Greek Life.
  8. You now have access to the full UNM Involved Discord server.