UNM Social Media Guidelines


These guidelines are intended to be a minimum standard. Certain UNM entities, departments, programs, or groups may adopt additional guidelines for their users.

  • It is important for all University of New Mexico entities, faculty, staff, and students to be aware of social media and how social technologies can help them share information, participate in important conversations, and collaborate on new ideas.
  • It is up to each entity, as well as individual faculty and staff members, to choose whether to participate. However, to be included on UNM's official directory of social media, a request must be submitted to University Communication and Marketing (UCAM).
  • These guidelines and best practices are to ensure appropriate and effective use of social media. The guidelines will evolve as social media advances.
  • All information posted on social media sites is considered public information.
  • UNM social media sites are monitored periodically by various internal and external constituents.
  • It is never authorized or appropriate to post Personally Identifiable Information (PII) about another individual on UNM’s social media profiles without their consent.
  • For questions or help with using pictures or other PII in a posting, please contact social@unm.edu.
  • If you discover inappropriate behavior on a University of New Mexico-owned social media property, contact University Communication and Marketing at social@unm.edu.

Guidelines for Faculty and Staff

The following guidelines and corresponding best practices will help individuals help individuals utilize social media in a professional capacity. Information posted via social media is considered public information, and other employers, organizations, and individuals actively monitor and share information they find on social media. University systems administrators may perform activities necessary to ensure the integrity, functionality, and security of the University's electronic resources and image.

Manage Your Online Identify

  • Be aware of your association with The University of New Mexico in online social networks. Ensure your profile and content is consistent with how you wish to present yourself to colleagues, students, parents, and other constituents.

Understand Established Policies

Know the Law

Be Aware of Liability

  • You are personally responsible for what you post on blogs and microblogs, social networks, forums, and other social media. Be sure that what you post today will not come back to haunt you.
  • If you are unsure about a work-related posting, seek approval from your supervisor or manager before posting it.

Use a Disclaimer to Maintain Transparency

  • If you publish content to any website related to the work you do or subjects associated with the University, make it clear you are speaking for yourself and not on behalf of The University of New Mexico (for example, "The comment is my own opinion and may not represent The University of New Mexico's position"). If content is not work-related, there is no need to mention your University relationship.

Maintain Confidentiality

Demonstrate Respect

  • Respect your peers. Refrain from publishing content that contains slurs, personal insults or attacks, and/or profanity or obscenity. Do not engage in any conduct on a social media site that would not be acceptable in The University of New Mexico workplace.

UNM Social Media Property Owners and Managers

The guidelines below pertain to any social media presence that represents The University of New Mexico in an official capacity, including departments, programs, student organizations, and entities working on behalf of UNM. Best practices are also available to provide a consistent representation of UNM. These sites are the property of UNM, not the individual.

  1. Understand and follow the guidelines for faculty and staff (above).
  2. Social media sites at the University should be clearly marked as being official and follow the University External Graphic Identification Standards (Policy 1010) and UNM Identity Standards.
  3. Establish clear expectations of community members, as well as UNM owners/managers. At a minimum, refer to the Respectful Campus (Policy 2240) and see Best Practices for more information.
  4. All University of New Mexico-owned social media sites should meet the university's existing policies including Information Security (Policy 2550) and Web accessibility outlined in the UNM's Web Standards.
  5. All entities should have a social media strategy and plan that has been approved by their unit leader prior to the debut of any social media. Entities that already have a social media presence should periodically review and update the plan to ensure that it is still relevant.
  6. Share all official University of New Mexico social media site URLs with University Communication and Marketing so your social media properties can be included in the University's official social media directory and cross-site collaboration among all the University's social media properties can be achieved.
  7. All official University of New Mexico social media properties should provide contact information and email addresses so that visitors may report problems, etc.
  8. Any advertising via social media not related to UNM must be approved by the unit leader.
  9. All University of New Mexico social media sites should be monitored (and moderated, where appropriate) to ensure the community is following site guidelines. Social media sites that remain consistently inactive should be considered for deletion.

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